I still remember the first moment we met. Mmm. There was nothing, just darkness and... then she appeared. It did not take long for us to light up the universe.
God Johnson to Lucifer
in "God Johnson"

The universe is a realm of existence inhabited by mortals, angels, demons, and gods. Earth, Heaven, and Hell are contained within it.


The universe is a physical realm created by God and Goddess long ago. According to Lucifer, when two Celestial Beings fell in love and had sex, it caused the creation of the universe or the Big Bang.

Prior to "Sympathy for the Goddess" there was only one universe, and everything that existed was contained within. Lucifer used to Flaming Sword to cut a tear in the fabric of the universe for Goddess to leave through, to create her own universe. After Goddess passed through, Lucifer threw two pieces of the Flaming Sword through, forever separating the two universes.


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