"The One With the Baby Carrot" is the second episode of the third season of Lucifer. It aired on October 9, 2017.[1]

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"After Lucifer removes his wings yet again, Linda becomes concerned that he is too focused on tracking down the Sinnerman and neglecting his own well-being. Tensions continue to rise between Lucifer and Chloe, but they realize they must put their differences aside to solve a case in which Lucifer takes a sudden interest. Once Detective Pierce's past is revealed though, everyone realizes that the Sinnerman is much more dangerous than they thought."[1]

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  • Kevin Christy as Bobby Lowe
  • Camille Chen as Sheila Vestal[1]

Co-Starring Edit

  • Sina Amedson as JD Woodstock
  • Elia Cantu as frazzled PA
  • Kevin Carlson as puppet
  • Orson Chaplin as Alonso
  • Wesley Choi as kid
  • Angie Teodora Dick as MC
  • Prince Hammond as puppet suit
  • Brian Kimmet as Eric
  • Brittany Panzer as beautiful woman
  • Tanner Sarff as aspiring musician

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