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Invulnerability is the power or ability to immune to injure.

Entities possessing this power Edit

Invulnerability Edit

No being in Lucifer is completely invulnerable.

Nigh-Invulnerability Edit

  • God: As one of the two gods, the co-creator of the universe and the angelic race, God is nearly invulnerable. However, he is not completely invulnerable, since Charlotte, at her prime, was capable of killing him.
  • Charlotte (formerly): Mom was once nearly invulnerable, but her powers have been greatly weakened. While her host body has human vulnerabilities, if the host is killed, Mom is able to go to a new host.

Lower Nigh-Invulnerability Edit

  • Angels: As celestial beings created by God and Charlotte, angels are nearly invulnerable. However, they can be killed by gods, as well as certain objects like Azrael's Blade and demonic blades.

High degree of Invulnerability Edit

  • Demons: As malevolent entities that originate from Hell, demons possess an elevated degree of invulnerability. However, there are quite a few objects and beings that can injure and even kill them.

Slightly Superhuman Invulnerability Edit

  • Chloe Decker: Considering her resistance to Lucifer's powers and how she affects him, Chloe possesses some mysterious type of invulnerability that is above that of a regular human.

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