Humans are mortal beings that were created by God.

History Edit

It is unknown exactly when human beings began existing. It has been mentioned by Lucifer that after creating Heaven and angels, God went into the garage and began his project called "humans" which caused a rebellion and the beginning of their conflict with Goddess.

Characteristics Edit

Humans are mortal beings that populate Earth. Each human possesses a soul, which upon death will to go to either Heaven or Hell. Those who have lived a wicked life are sent to Hell, while those who were righteous go to Heaven.

Some angels are able to resurrect deceased humans and return their souls to their bodies. After resurrection, humans are again mortal beings, vulnerable to death.

Vulnerability Edit

  • Mortality - Their physical strength wanes once they reach old age. They are vulnerable to diseases, and any form of physical harm.
  • Angels/Demons: Any supernatural species can effortlessly slay a human.


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