Hell, also known as the Underworld, is the fearsome, infernal realm inhabited by demons and the tortured souls of all deceased sinners.

It is unknown who currently runs Hell, as its former ruler, Lucifer Morningstar, left it for Earth, where he now runs Lux, a nightclub in Los Angeles. According to Amenadiel, after Lucifer's departure, he had been rousing up and returning all of the damned back to hell, preventing them from returning to Earth, implying that he is now in charge.


After Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and into Hell, he became its ruler up until 2011, when he abdicated his throne and retired to L.A. to open the nightclub Lux. Amenadiel was forced to descend into Hell in order to keep The Damned Souls from escaping.

Mortals who commit mortal sins end up in Hell to be punished for all eternity.

According to Malcolm, one of Hell's methods of torture is using what one loves against them when they are damned. When Malcolm was in Hell, he was tossed into a room where his tormentors starved him and isolated him from the outside. Malcolm also states that time in Hell runs differently, as thirty seconds there was like thirty years for him.

It was revealed that Goddess, the wife of God and mother of the Angels as well as a god who is as old and strong as he is, was trapped in hell after repeatedly trying to kill the humans in her rage and therefore making God strip her of her powers through unknown means and having Amenadiel take her to Hell. Feeling betrayed due to not having been helped by his mother, Lucifer returned the favor by having Mazikeen torture her. However, after Amenadiel was incatipated after barely surviving being stabbed by Maze's Demon Blades, Goddess was able to escape to Earth.

In "Off the Record", Lucifer revealed to Reese Getty information that he had never told to any human soul before. Lucifer is not the one who decides who goes to Hell and it is humans and their own guilt that puts them there. He also tells Reese that the doors in Hell are unlocked and they can leave but "no one ever does".

Appearances Edit

Season One
#13 "Take Me Back to Hell" Appears
Season Two
#13 "A Good Day to Die" Appears
Season Three
#7 "Off the Record" Appears


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