Gods are nigh-omnipotent celestial beings of extreme age, who are responsible for the creation of the universe and all of its contents. They are the only beings that stand above angels. There are only two known gods, God and Goddess.

History Edit

God and Mom were two gods who fell in love with each other. According to Lucifer, them having sex caused the creation of the universe. They had many children together, whom they called angels. For them to happily dwell, the two celestials also created an eternal realm, who would latter be known as Heaven.

Many years later, God started focusing on a new project, humanity. God's project caused Mom to be become distant and they both neglected their family. Mom despised humans and wished for their undoing. Feeling neglected, Lucifer acted out and rebelled. Angered by Lucifer's rebellion, God wanted to destroy him, but Mom convinced to him to eternal banish Lucifer to Hell instead.

Several thousands of years later, Mom's hatred for humans grew even more. She caused floods and plagues because she was angry. For that reason, God cast Mom into Hell, as well as appointing Lucifer as her warden. Since from Lucifer's perspective his mother remained indifferent when God cast him out, so did the angel when his mother was banished and assigned Mazikeen to torture her.

Fast-forwarding thousands of years in the future, Mom was able to use her extremely limited strength to escape Hell and enter the quotidian universe. There, she ventured to Earth, where she took possession of the various deceased bodies. After three days, she found Lucifer while in the body of Charlotte Richards. Lucifer eventually used the Flaming Sword to send Mom into a void to create a new universe for herself, something she consented to rather than allow a war that would kill many of her children.

Powers Edit

Originally, both God and Goddess shared the following powers:

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Gods are more powerful than all other species. They can easily destroy any angel or demon, even those who stand at the top of the hierarchy, such as Lucifer.
    • Extreme strength: Gods possess enormous levels of physical strength, surpassing all other species.
    • Invulnerability: Gods are invulnerable to anything lower than them.
    • Immortality: Gods live forever and cannot be killed by most means.
  • Nigh-Omniscience: Gods possess nearly an infinite amount of knowledge, being aware of nearly everything that happens.

Goddess has lost most of her powers, however, she still possesses the following abilities:

  • Cosmic Awareness: While she no longer possesses nigh-omniscience, her knowledge from her many years remains intact.
  • Vessel possession: Goddess can possess bodies of recently deceased humans to interact with beings on Earth.
  • Superhuman strength: Although lower than her original level, Goddess seems to have regained a portion of her superhuman strength. She was able to easily fight off a robber and send him flying into a wall. Later she able to effortlessly lift Amenadiel into the air and to throw Lucifer into a car.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Other Gods: Gods are vulnerable and can be killed by each other.
  • Azrael's blade: Azrael's blade is able to wipe a god from existence. However, it is unclear if a god must be weakened for the blade to work.

In her weakened state, Goddess has additional weaknesses:

  • Angels: Angels are more powerful than her and can injure her.
  • Demons: Demons can torture her, however their ability to torture her are limited when she has no physical form.

Family Edit

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  • Solid lines denote blood relationships

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