Someday I wanna open my own juice bar. Or a tanning salon. Or a combo juice bar and tanning salon!
— Candy
in "Candy Morningstar"

Candy, formerly Candy Morningstar, is Lucifer Morningstar's ex-wife.

History Edit

Candy is an exotic dancer from Las Vegas. Lucifer Morningstar met her while on a getaway trip after Chloe Decker's near-death in "A Good Day to Die". According to Candy, Lucifer saved her life. To return the favor, she agrees to help him find out what his mom is planning.

The two marry and come to Los Angeles to meet Lucifer's friends and family. While she appears to be a "ditzy bimbo", it's later revealed that her air-headed personality was just an act - one which fooled both Chloe and Lucifer's mother. At the end of "Candy Morningstar", Lucifer thanks her for her help.

When Candy tries to return the diamond ring to him, he tells her to keep it and "I hear divorce is quite expensive these days."


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