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Angelic Wings are the wings of an angel.

Appearance Edit

Angels have large wings unfolding from the their backs. It is unknown if the color or shape of the wings have significance.

So far, the wings of three angels have has been shown:

  • Amenadiel's wings: Amenadiel's wings seem to be dark brown or black with a bright sheen. The wings are immense and have very sharp edges. After spending his time on Earth and Hell and committing various sins, Amenadiel's wings began to stop functioning and decay.
  • Lucifer's wings: Lucifer's wings seem to be larger than Amenadiel's. They are white and to glow with a divine light. Lucifer cut them off after leaving Hell and later destroyed them.
  • Uriel's wings: Uriel's wings are similar to Lucifer's but a light shade of grey.

Gallery Edit

  • Amenadiel's wings
  • Lucifer's wings
  • Lucifer's wings
  • Uriel's wings

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